Vukovar in your hand

Location and position of Vukovar

Vukovar is situated in the northeastern part of Croatia and is the seat of the Vukovar-Srijem County.

The city is located at the crossroads of the historic province of Eastern Slavonia and Western Srijem. It lies at the mouth of river Vuka. The east – older part of the city trends on the right bank of the Vuka, on the slopes of the Vukovar plateau and the high bank of the Danube. The western part of the city – New Vukovar with the settlement Borovo is in the valley of the left bank of the Vuka River. Vukovar has a marginal position on the Danube to the Province Vojvodina in Serbia.

The city lies on important traffic routes. Through the valley of the Danube in the Vukovar area the traffic flowed ever since from northwest to southeast . In the Roman period the right bank of the Danube was a border, the so-called Limes. The important station on this border was the settlement Cornacum, today Sotin. Since ancient times it has been navigating on the Danube and Vukovar was always an important station. Since the introduction of steamships in the mid 19th century Vukovar has had a regular connection to Buda and Vienna upstream and downstream all the way to Romania. The Port of Vukovar  is an important import-export station. After the construction of the railway in 1878 / 79  the importance of Vukovar increases more and more in the transshipment of goods from river to rail traffic. In recent years, Vukovar has  developed a road network of paved roads. The construction of the Airport Klisa, 20 kilometers of Vukovar westward, included this area in air traffic.

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