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Vučedol Culture Museum

For adults, children and families who want to experience something new, fun and interesting, Vučedol culture museum offers a new universe of discovery and inspiration with its unmatched and unique combination of location, architecture, pleasant atmosphere and most of all historical values presented in a contemporary way.

The archaeological site Vučedol is one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe and the eponymous site for a cultural phenomenon that was at the time of the Eneolithic, in the third millennium BC, as wide as the area of today’s twelve European countries.

What to see and learn:

– The first real Indo-European  Vučedol house – basket!

– The oldest prahistoric carts on four wheels

– The oldest Indo-European calendarbased on observation of the winter sky

– Prehistoric foundry  in which the first metal production took place

– Production of the first bronze in the world

– The first known saw in the world was created in the framework of the Vučedol culture

– The wealth of form and decoration withing Vučedol ceramics – from cups to amphorae – 23 types of vessels

– The pit in situwhere Vučedol Dove/Patridge was found

– The ritual burials within settlements – The grave where the oldest fixed date in prehistory can be read

– The ritual burial of the deer – a direct link with the shaman beyond this world

– Did you know that Vučedolians knew five types of shoes – all designed for the right and left leg!

– Come see the most beautiful Vučedol boot!

 Museum floorplan / 19 rooms

Each room has a certain theme and topics are: geological position of  Vučedol, foundation of culture, the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, livestock breeding, farming, hunting and fishing , Vučedol house, weaving and clothing, handicrafts and footwear, metallurgy, ceramics, horizon, calendar, graves , natives, religion, successors, the formation of the Museum.

The Museum also has its own souvenir shop and offers  visitors access to the Museum’s hot spot.

My location

Vučedol Culture Museum
  • Address: Vučedol 252, 32000 Vukovar
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 10 - 18 hours
  • Email: info@vucedol.hr
  • Web: www.vucedol.hr
  • 032 373 930