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Trpinjska Cesta Croatian Defenders Memorial Hall

Trpinjska Cesta Croatian Defenders Memorial Hall is built in the location of a post office which was used as a command building for this section of the City in 1991. The building is constructed in the shape of a tightly clenched fist, which symbolises the strength needed to defend Vukovar from aggression. The centre of the hall features a chasm with a cupola of a destroyed tank of the former Yugoslav People’s Army and names of all the members of the 204th Vukovar Brigade who died are written around it. The 12 video displays in the walls show photographs from the war and video records of the war, you can also hear war reports as well as information about every member of the brigade who died.

In front of the Memorial Hall there is a tank, as a symbol of the might broken by the brave defenders, as well as a bust of Blago Zadro, an indisputable hero of the Homeland War, who fought and led the defenders in this area in Vukovar.

The author of the Memorial Hall for Croatian Defenders Trpinjska Cesta is a sculptor from Zagreb Miljenko Romić.

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Trpinjska Cesta Croatian Defenders Memorial Hall
  • Address: Trpinjska cesta 80, Vukovar
  • Opening hours: 10h - 17h
  • 099 4417 467