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The Birthplace of Lavoslav (Leopold) Ružička

The first Croatian Nobel Prize winner Lavoslav Ružička was born to a family of craftsmen in Vukovar on September 13th, 1887. Since he was four he had been living in Osijek, where he completed elementary school and Classical Grammar School. After that he enrolled in Technical College in Karlsruhe. In less than four years, in 1910, he completed his studies in chemistry and his doctoral dissertation in organic chemistry. His particular field of study were natural compounds, especially physiologically active and fragrant substances. In 1939 he received a Nobel Prize for chemistry. In 1940 Ružička was elected to be an honorary member of the Yugoslavian Academy of Sciences and Arts and an honorary doctorate holder of the Croatian University. The same year he was named an honorary citizen of Vukovar. Ružička and his associates published 580 science papers until 1960. He died in Zürich in his 90th year, on September 26th, 1976.

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The Birthplace of Lavoslav (Leopold) Ružička
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