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Picnic site Ada

The Vukovar Ada, a sandy island on the Danube, is the favourite swimming location for the citizens of Vukovar and it is only a 5 minute boat ride away from the centre of Vukovar. The surface area of the island is about 1000 hectares, depending on the water level in the river. The fishermen from Vukovar have created a wonderful sandy beach. A gazebo in the shade of the forest offers refreshing beverages and the court nearby is an opportunity to play beach volleyball. Transportation to the Ada is available during the summer months.


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Picnic site Ada
  • Address: Parobrodska bb, 32000 Vukovar
  • Opening hours: 10h - 20h
  • Email: tz-vukovar@vu.t-com.hr
  • Web: www.turizamvukovar.hr
  • 032 442 889